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Traditional Chinese Medicine


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For over 3000 years, cultures across the globe have practiced the holistic form of medicine known as acupuncture. By generating the flow of energy throughout the body, acupuncture enhances the immune system and promotes healing.

Acupuncture can be a very effective in the treatment of:
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**  Headaches

**  Migraines

**  Muscular pains and organ problems

**  Tonifies connective tissues

**  Relaxing expression lines

**  Reduce stretch marks

**  Varices

**  Digestive disorders

**  Gynecological disorders

60 Min. Acupuncture
$1150.00 pesos M.N.
(dollar equivalent about $60.00)

Abbi Waxman (The Bookish Life of Nina Hill)

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"Some people take energy; some people give energy . . . Occasionally, you get lucky and find someone whose energy balances your own and brings you into neutral..."
Enjoy Cozumel !!
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