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Traditional Chinese Medicine


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Ancient Egyptians used cupping over 5,500 years ago, and the therapy spread to cultures around the world. The 2016 Olympic Games helped raise awareness worldwide when U.S. athletes bore cupping suction marks on their backs.

Cupping can be a very effective in the treatment of:

**  Arthritic symptoms

**  Asthma

**  The common cold

**  Chronic cough

**  Indigestion problems

**  Many skin conditions

**  Loosen muscles

**  Increase blood flow

**  Sedate the nervous system

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90 Min. Cupping
$2000.00 pesos
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60 Min. Cupping
$1430.00 pesos
"The greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you..."
(dollar equivalent about $75.00)
(dollar equivalent about $105.00)
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